Covid 19 Policies


A Covid risk assessment was undertaken to review policies and develop vaccination mandate for Southland Education.

The high number of vulnerable people using the WEA building is a determining factor in setting policies and procedures with regard to Covid.

The following policies were agreed:


1. All new and existing tutors/staff will be fully vaccinated before the start of Term 1 2022
2. No tutors/staff will be employed from January 2022 who are not double vaccinated
3. Anyone who is exempt from vaccination on medical grounds needs to provide an exemption certificate from the Ministry of Health.
4. Copies of vaccination signed cards/certificates must be provided and a record kept in the office.


1. Southland Education will allow access for students who are double vaccinated only.
2. Students are to be made aware of the policies by means of the website and signage in the building
3. Online Enrolment form to include Agreement to vaccination mandate


1. Lessees within the WEA building will determine their own rules for their space.
2. People who use the building on a room hire basis will need to adhere to Southland Educations policies as outlined in a Room Access Agreement (attached) which includes:
• Wearing face masks
• Signing in
• 1 metre spacing
• All eligible staff, volunteers, participants should be double vaccinated